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PALS March 2015 - Open Forum, ESY, Neurological Testing



  • Extended School Year (ESY)

  • Some parents have experienced difficulties receiving Extended School Year (ESY) services.

  • What is the ESY decision based on?

  • Teachers collect data to determine eligibility.

  • PaTTAN offers a great booklet on ESY on their website.

  • Construction at Schools

  • Discussion on the importance of the district to consider the possible health risks to students during construction, which go beyond normal quality testing of the environment. For instance students with and without IEPs have health issues like asthma, seizures, etc that can be triggered by things like heat, smells, and noise.

  • There is a link on the district website at the bottom of the homepage which opens to a page designed to inform FCASD families of construction at all facilities.

  • Seizures

  • A variety of health challenges may cause seizures some of which are not immediately noticeable.

  • Neurological testing can take a few hours to a few days or more.

  • Preparing for the next school year.

  • Don’t forget to address your child’s physical needs with IEP Goals.

  • Send your child’s teacher a Top 10 List of things they should know about your child.

  • Introducing your child to his or her teacher a few days before the beginning of the school year is very beneficial.

In Attendance

Abby Torres, Stacy London, Sarah Nickel, Lisa Fisher, Marilyn Sheller, Ronna Riffle, Doris Scott, Cathy Nader-Syiek, Elizabeth Klamut, Laxmi Velankar, Sangeetha Subramanian, Melissa Hart, Lonnie Carey

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