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PALS April 2015 - Open Forum, High School Transition, Recreational Goals, Daniel & Hayden



  • High School Graduation Transition

  • FCAHS holds multiple transition meetings for all students throughout high school.

  • Stacy Dojonovic is the FCASD Transition Coordinator (extremely helpful)

  • There aren’t too many scholarships specifically for students with IEPs, however, you may find scholarships related to very specific diagnoses.

  • Students/Parents may find scholarships directly through the university they are enrolling in.

  • CCAC has scholarships available and has a good track record for providing services to students with IEPs.

  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation counselor is available to students/parents at FCAHS one (1) day a week.

  • At the age of fourteen (14) IEP meetings begin to include goals working toward transition: 1. independent living, 2. continuing education 3. community service

  • District Forum

  • Multiple parents attended the recent DF information meeting about Keeping Students safe online.

  • Many parents wished that the district had spent some time discussing what software the students are actually using as a part of the iPad Program. Suggest such a meeting to the DF for a future meeting.

  • Daniel and Hayden:

  • Two young men diagnosed with Asperger’s help people affected by Aspergers to understand themselves and the top success strategies in the world.

  • They created their website to teach others exactly what they did to get to where they are in life.

  • They post videos and also have a live call in portion. Join their e-mail list to receive updates on their call-in segments.

In Attendance

Stacy London, Sarah Nickel, Lisa Fisher, Marilyn Sheller, Doris Scott, Elizabeth Klamut, Lonnie Carey

Next PALS Meeting with Dr. Deborah Gilman discussing Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) Wednesday, May 13, 2015 9:30a.m. Panera Bread: Waterworks Mall 933 Freeport Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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